Liquid Rubber Roofing and Waterproofing


Instant Set Waterproofing System

Liquid Rubber is unique roofing system, specifically formulated for use in the new roof and roof refurbishment sectors. With outstanding adhesion properties and  a completely eco friendly composition, Liquid Rubber is a safe alternative to traditional roofing systems and single-ply alike. Liquid Rubber Instant Set is spray applied onto the surface and instantly sets on contact making it shower proof almost immediatley.


Liquid Rubber Features:

Liquid Rubber is a cold, spray applied elastomeric membrane system that can be applied at a rate of up to 1000 sq/m per day. Due to its unique formulation it can be applied onto a variety of different surfaces, providing outstanding protection and highly anti corrosion properties. Liquid Rubber eliminates the need for stripping old material providing an ideal over coating for most substrates including asbestos encapsulation.

Liquid Rubber provides a fully bonded seamless membrane

With over 1000% elasticity and 95% memory

Completely non-toxic, eco-friendly and solvent free

Trained and certified installers of LIQUID RUBBER water proofing systems


Rapid Curing Waterproofing System

RapidRoof is a cold liquid applied, seamless, waterproofing system that can be brush or roller applied. It is a rapid curing two coat membrane that cures within 20 minutes per layer and can be trafficked within an hour providing, a fully bonded, tough surface with over 200% elasticity.


Rapid Roof Features:

Rapid Roof is available in seven standard colours (or any RAL on request), RapidRoof provides a cured membrane with a similar finish to GRP or EPDM, but with greater flexibility and much faster application. RapidRoof is ideal for domestic projects or small industrial roofing, and is available with an Anti-Skid finish for designated walkways or balconies or as a standalone system

Trained and certified installers of liquid RAPID ROOF systems.

Total Protection For Stone Brick And Masonry

Brick cover is a special waterproofing agent that protects bricks and stones from deterioration. Thanks to its special catalyst it penetrates deep into all absorbent materials and leaves the surface and appearance of the stone natural and unchanged. Brickover is non-toxic, completely breathable and does not leave any surface film. The formulation based on potassium salt makes Brick cover an extremely long-life treatment which is effective on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.


Brickcover Benefits:

Brickcover is the ultimate protection against mildew, bacteria, nitrates, efflorescence and maintains a healthy environment. The treatment is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Brickcover penetrates into the structure and allows the material to breathe normally and leaves no surface film. Brickcover protects paving from deterioration and renders it resistant to freezing / thawing cycles. When applied correctly, the treatment is guaranteed for 8-10 years.

  • Brick cover is economical and cost efficient. 1 litre covers from 4 – 7 sq m

  • Can be applied by spraying with a low-pressure pump, roller or brush

  • Environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic

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