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The exterior of your premises is the first thing that clients, suppliers and staff see as they arrive. A dirty, stained exterior with mossy patches and grass sprouting from the gutters creates a poor impression.

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All you need to do is to make the initial telephone call – we do the rest!

Exterior cleaning can be a difficult task that is best left to professional façade cleaning companies like ourselves due to the height and access issues involved.

We have a wide range of high level cleaning access equipment and for those really troublesome access situations.

All work we carry out meets stringent Health and Safety requirements, protecting staff, visitors and the general public during the works.

Our team carry out façade cleaning on large industrial factories, warehouses, offices and other commercial premises, for housing authorities and listed or other historic 2013-08-30 08.31.55buildings. We also offer heritage and monument cleaning and restoration services plus petrol stations.

Our exterior building cleaning services include:

  • Cladding cleaning, restoration and protection

  • Graffiti and paint removal

  • High level cleaning of gutters and roofs

  • Algae and moss removal

  • One off or regular maintenance contract cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning2013-08-30 09.30.53

We ensure that every exterior cleaning contract we carry out adheres to our strict environmental policy by using eco-friendly cleaning solutions and methods.  We include both  hot box steam cleaning and eco soda blast cleaning to quickly restore your building.

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